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Medical Grand Rounds

The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Presents:

The Medical Grand Rounds Program

The Medical Grand Rounds Program (MGR), founded by neurologist Ramon Gil, M.D., is a unique partnership between health care professionals and the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.  Its purpose is three-fold: to present a series of educational programs to healthcare professionals that provide unique perspectives on the relationship between medicine and music; to provide financial support for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra; to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to maximize their advertising investment by reaching our distinguished audience.

Through the centuries it has been known that music has had a positive effect on health.  Today music therapy is an allied health profession that strives to improve physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning of patients of all ages.  Guest speakers for Medical Grand Rounds programs have been engaged from across the country and have spoken on this and many other related fields.  One physician commented that the presentation she attended “provided education and inspiration, and spawned ideas for collaboration with other healthcare providers”.

By making a sustained gift through the Medical Grand Rounds program with one of four partnership options, you can help ensure that the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra will continue to provide quality musical programming to our community for years to come.  In return, you may receive:


  • Free tickets to MGR presentations
  • A listing of your business name in concert programs
  • Discounted ad space in the concert program
  • Your business logo and link to your website on the CSO web site
In short, an MGR partnership can provide members of the medical community a unique opportunity to reach the very distinguished audience of the CSO and can prove to be a strategic business asset.


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